Company Shareholder

A shareholder is one of the owners of a company (Sdn Bhd or Berhad).

A shareholder could be a person, a joint venture, another company or any other form of organisation or body.

The quantity of shares held by every shareholder represents how much of the company they own and thus determines their profit sharing & decision-making power.

Being the beneficial owner of a company, shareholders do not take part in the daily management of the business. These duties are the responsibility of the company director(s).

In Malaysia, it is very common that a shareholder is also the director of the same company.

How to remove shareholder from a sdn bhd -

How to remove shareholder from a Sdn Bhd?

Shareholders can leave a company at any time for several reasons: it may be to remove shareholder from a company, recoup investment or as a result […]