Buy Shelf Company & Start Your Business Now


All our shelf companies are ready with certificate of incorporation, have never commenced any business activity & do not have any bank account or liabilities.
Buy shelf company in Malaysia 1 -

1.    You need it to tender a project tomorrow

2.    You have an offer of multi-million business opportunity but you need to furnish your company details by tomorrow

3.    You and your business partners have reached an agreement to start a business in Malaysia, but he is leaving tomorrow night

4.    Whatsoever reasons, YOU NEED IT BY TOMORROW!

Upon receipt of your full payment, a clean and new shelf company will be yours TOMORROW!

Why wait for 8 days to get your new company registered when you can have one by tomorrow? Buy now & get 13 months secretarial fee FREE!

1.  A Sdn Bhd company registered with SSM

2.  A company with business activites of “General Trader, Contractors, Investment”

3.  A company with RM400,000 authorised capital & RM2 paid-up capital

4.  5 sets certified true copied documents (Form 9, 49, 44, 24, M&A)

5.  Board resolution to open bank & internet accounts

6.  Rubber stamp (self-inked)

For RM3,000 only, the Ready Made Shelf Company will be yours in 24 hours 

Buy shelf company in Malaysia 2 -

Step by Step Guide To Own A Shelf Company

1. Call us today & we’ll email you full proposal and latest list of shelf companies
2. Choose your preferred company & make full payment
3. An appointment will be arranged for signing of documents (normally the next day afternoon after 2pm)
4. After documents are signed, we’ll submit the Form 49 to SSM & the Share Transfer Form to LHDN.
5. The company is legally yours & you can start business now

Choose your preferred shelf company from the list

Full payment of RM3,000

ICs of directors & shareholders

Residential addresses of directors & shareholders

Just email the proof of payment, ICs & above information to us, your company will be ready TOMORROW!

Important Note: Above RM3,000 promotional price is subject to several terms & conditions, please request & read full package proposal from us before making payment & confirming our service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I cancel the purchase & ask for refund?

Upon the receipt of full payment & confirmation by you, the selected shelf company will be reserved for a period of TWO MONTHS and you do not own it until the new directors & shareholders have signed & executed all documents to take over the ownership.

A cancellation fee of RM1,000 + 6% gst will be charged to you upon the expiry of the 2 months reservation period OR you have informed us by writing that you would like to terminate the purchase.

The balance amount will be processed for refund in 14 days.

Does shelf company package include any company address services?

As part of the package, we offer free of charge to use our office premise as your company’s registered office but we PROHIBIT you from using it as the business office address of your Company.

We DO NOT accept any responsibilities or damages arising from the use of our office as the business address or correspondence address of any company.

When can I start trading through my new company?

You can start printing name card & begin trading TOMORROW once all change of ownership documents have been signed by you tomorrow.

All documents will be ready for signing on the NEXT day upon successful full payment made to us by you today, provided that you have provided all ICs & relevant information.

How much I need to pay every year to maintain a company?

A dormant company (no activity, no sales/purchases or no assets) should get ready at least RM3,000 yearly to engage services from professional firms (audit, tax, secretary & account) to comply with all statutory requirements (LHDN & SSM).

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