Register a Sole Proprietor (Enterprise) or Partnership (Perkongsian)

Sole proprietorship and partnership -

Registration of sole-proprietorship / enterprise  or partnership in Malaysia

How to register a business in Malaysia
Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) is the goverment agency which handling the registration of various forms of business entity in Malaysia e.g. sole proprietorship, partnership (perkongsian) and private limited company.
The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), established on 16 April 2002, also ensures compliance with business and corporate legislations through comprehensive enforcement and monitoring activities.
To start a business in Malaysia, there are four ways of carrying out business in Malaysia, namely:

  • Incorporating a local company (Sdn Bhd or Private Limited Company);
  • Registering a foreign company;
  • Registering a sole proprietorship (Registration of Businesses Act 1956); or
  • Registering a partnership (Partnership Act 1961).

Note: Registration of sole proprietorship or partnership is only applicable to Malaysian. Non-Malaysian can only start their business by incorporating a company in Malaysia or private limited company in Malaysia.
Why Sole Proprietorship / Partnership
Registration of Sole Proprietorship / Partnership with SSM is so easy now that you can do it yourself! And at cost no more than RM200!
Just visit to the official website of SSM,, for more details.

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Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship / Partnership
1.        Unlimited liability (You are personally liable for all debts owned by the business.)
2.        The company will cease operation once the owner(s) die(s).

That’s why we strongly recommend Sdn Bhd Company for your business!

What we need from you
1. Photocopy of Malaysian Identity Card of the owner / partners
2. Company Name
3. Company Business Activity
4. Business address
That’s it! DONE!

At only RM400 for Sole Proprietorship or RM600 for Partnership, you can start your business / partnership within days!