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Change company’s name for Malaysian Companies

Reasons for change of company name?
1. Change in management policy or structure
2. Change in ownership
3. Change in business direction or activities
4. Rebranding activities by the Company
5. Change of name for new shelf company
6. Whatsoever reasons, we will do it for you
Make a change, it only takes RM450.
What we need from you
Your preferred new name for your company.
Why wait? Let’s do it for you, it just takes few days to make a change!
Something we want to highlight to you
The OLD Company’s Name is required to be displayed alongside with the NEW Company Name for 12 month-period from the date of change of company’s name.
ABC World Sdn. Bhd.
(Formerly Known As ABC Global Sdn. Bhd.)
ABC World Sdn. Bhd.
(F.K.A. ABC Global Sdn. Bhd.)
How it works
1. We shall lodge in the New Name Search Application with SSM
2. Within 2 days, we shall have result from SSM
3. Once approval is obtained from SSM, a general meeting of members will be convened to approve the change of company’s name.
4. We shall lodge the Form 11 to SSM for change of company’s name.
5. Lastly, we shall obtain the Borang 13 (Change of name) from SSM within 3 days from date of submission of Form 11.
Leave it to us, and it takes ONLY RM450.
Our total charges
Our total charges is ONLY RM450.
Basically, our charges include the following:
a. Name search filing fee payable to SSM (1 name)#
b. New common seal and share certificates
c. All necessary documents from change of company’s name
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