To Maintain a Sdn Bhd company

Maintaining a company / yearly charges for a sdn bhd company

What to pay to maintain a company every year?

Professional services Dormant / Inactive Company
Active Company
Secretarial fee * 720 720
Audit fee * 800 1,800
Tax filing fee * 500 800
Accounting fee * 300 2,400
Annual Return to SSM 150 150
2,470 5,870

* Fees are subject to 5% Service Tax.
Please take note that failing to submit annual returns and audited accounts to SSM within the dateline will result in fine & penalty charged to the Company, and to directors personally.
For those who have been keeping an inactive company for years
Why pay RM2,470 every year just to keep a inactive company?
It just take RM1,500 ONLY to close down a company, THAT’S IT, nothing more, nothing less.
For all newly registered company
The prices & costs indicated in the above table is merely an indicative price and we shall be pleased to discuss further with you on our services to be rendered to your company.