Ready Made Companies (Shelf Company)

Readymade shelf company -

Ready Made Shelf Companies for sale in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Why Ready Made Shelf Company?
1.    You need it to tender a project tomorrow
2.    You have an offer of multi-million business opportunity but you need to furnish your company details by tomorrow
3.    You and your business partners have reached an agreement to start a business in Malaysia, but he is leaving tonight
4.    Whatsoever reasons, YOU NEED IT NOW BEFORE TOMORROW!
Upon receipt of your full payment, a clean and new shelf company will be yours IMMEDIATELY!
Why wait for 10 days to get your new company registered when you can have one by today? Buy now & get 2 months secretarial fee FREE!
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What is Ready Made Shelf Company?
We have a list of more than 200 newly registered companies for sale. We guarantee you that all shelf companies are new, clean, and have not been in any business. We made these shelf companies for you in case if you urgently need a company to kick off your great business immediately!
All new or old ready made shelf companies (shell companies) are legally registered with SSM and have not commenced any business operations since incorporation (registration), thus all do not have any liabilities. We indemnify you from all liabilities by giving you our indemnify letter.
At price of RM2,500, you are freely to choose from a long list of Ready Made New Shelf Companies (more than 200)!
The Ready Shelf Company will be yours within 24 hours
for ONLY RM2,500 and Get 3 months secretarial fees FREE!

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What does Ready Made Shelf Companies have?
1)    All these Shelf Companies are legally and lawfully registered with SSM
2)    All Shelf Companies have been registered as “General Trader, Contractors, Investment” and can do any businesses.
3)    All new Ready Made Shelf Companies have not commenced any business operations before, so, it has nothing inside.
4)    All Shelf Companies are made available anytime and at your call. You will be legally owner of these shelf companies within 24 HOURS only!
The Ready Made Shelf Company will be yours within 24 hours at ONLY RM2,500#

How are we going to make it yours?
Firstly, we shall get you to take control over the board of directors of the Shelf Company, you will become new directors of the company. Existing directors will step down upon your appointment as directors.
Secondly, the 2 ordinary shares held by existing shareholders will be transferred to you & your partner. Please take note that all transfer forms have been signed and ready to fill in your name.

All we need from you are:
1)    a photocopy of your I/C or passport.
2)    select a Ready Made Shelf Companies from our list
DONE! Simple as that with our service!
No hidden charges and the Price is only at RM2,500!
# Terms and conditions – 2 directors/shareholders.