Why must appoint company secretary?

Every company (sdn bhd or berhad) MUST appoint at least one Company Secretary, as required by Section 139 of the Companies Act 1965, to the Board of Directors.
Why you can’t be the company secretary of your company, please click here: Who Can Be Company Secretary?
We, as your Company Secretary so appointed by the Board of directors, will look after and conduct all procedural matters as required under the Companies Act 1965. For detailed roles & duties of a company secretary, please click here: Roles & Duties of Company Secretary
By naming us as your company secretary in fulfilling the requirement of the Act, your company will be charged the Secretary Retainer Fees (or also known Named Company Secretary Fees) as on monthly basis. However, the secretarial retainer fee paid by you does not include any other secretarial services. Any request of other secretarial services such as appointment of new director or increase paid-up capital will be charged separately.
By confirming us to register your new company, you have agreed to appoint us as your company’s secretary until such time a written termination letter has been issued by the company to us.
By appointing us as your company secretaries, you have agreed to all terms & conditions of our Secretarial Engagement Letter. Please request a copy of Secretarial Engagement Letter from us before engaging our secretarial services.

Other Secretarial Services

  1. Company Formation and Registration
  2. Sale of Ready-made Companies
  3. Preparation of Resolutions, Organising Meetings of Directors 
  4. Preparation of Annual General Meetings for shareholders
  5. Advice on Corporate Procedures
  6. Submission of Annual Return
  7. Maintenance of Statutory Registration and Record Books
  8. Provision of Nominee Directors and Shareholders
  9. Provision of a Registered Office Address
  10. Company Searches
  11. Allotment of New Shares / Increase Paid Up Capital
  12. Payroll Management
  13. Change of Company Name
  14. Bankruptcy Searches
  15. Trademark Registration
  16. Registration of EPF and SOCSO for Employer
  17. Registration of Sole-Proprietor and Partnership
  18. De-registration of Company (Striking off)